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Love Matters...Like unity, freedom, trust, admiration, inspiration, patience, kindness, respect, compassion, gratitude, agreement, reconciliation...

Love Matters - Doesn't It?  Share Your Love !

ALOL - A Love of Life
quotes on life, liberty & happiness

ALOL - A Life of Love
love quotes, humorous quotes, motivational quotes

ALOL - And Laugh out Loud - clean jokes

Thank God! ... He LOVES US ALL ... exactly as we are!

You are unique!
And so are your friends and your family...

Tell them! BE WITH them!
Send an email! Call, text, video-chat!
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Remind them how wonderful & dear they are, because...

"Listen" article

Listen - Love, Inspire, Strengthen, Teach, Encourage, Need
"Listen" Tile Magnet Style #AB2_0901
from the
design series
A2B - Goals & Motivation


" filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another (and yourselves) in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord; always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father;
-Ephesians 5:18-20*

Love... Inspire... Strengthen... Teach... Encourage... Need...

Listen to Love :: Love to Listen

™ Designs advocate unity, freedom, trust, admiration, inspiration, patience, kindness, respect, compassion, gratitude, agreement, reconciliation...

Love Matters > God Loves You notecard God Loves You Note Cards

Love tote bags, mousepads, more Style # 2CS-100
™ Tote Bag - large - jumbo - drawstring
Mini-Mouse pad / jar opener

Love Matters Designs - Inspiration Art Print
Aluminum Sign, Mouse pad, Art Print
Style # 2CS-38AP - Joy
Style #2C-38AP - "The Three Amigos", Molina Colorado

Love & bumper sticker Style # 2CS-100-STBL
™ Bumper Sticker - 11"x3.5"

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Love Matters - Doesn't It?  2B1 - Promoting Unity Love Matters DesignsMore Designs™

2B1 ~ Promoting Unity
A2B - Goals & Motivation
2B2 - Romance
2C-2CS - To See ~ To Consider

2CS ~ To Consider Bumper Stickers
24Us - To/For Us

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