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~ A2B - Goals & Motivation
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™ Designs advocate unity, freedom, trust, admiration, inspiration, patience, kindness, respect, compassion, gratitude, agreement, reconciliation...

Love Matters - Doesn't It? View all Love Matters Design GalleriesA2B - Goals & Motivation

Designs displayed on this page are shown on LockerMags™ (flexible magnets), aluminum magnets, or tile magnets, but can be printed on a number of items in the McDel Web Store.

A2B... "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line."

Love Matters - Doesn't It?  2B1 - Promoting Unity Love Matters Designs

2B1 ~ Promoting Unity
2B2 - Romance
2C-2CS - To See ~ To Consider
24Us - To/For Us

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A2B - Goals & Motivation
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Go Where your heart leads you
Go Where AB2_1101

Peace on Earth magnet
Peace on Earth AB2_1001


Excellence magnet
Excellence AB2_0801


Listen magnet - ceramic tile - put on refreigerator
Listen AB2_0901
Listen article


More A2B designs - ceramic tile magnets, notecards, notepads and more
See A2B Designs on note cards, notepads, & more

To Do Today - Listen Objectively Value Everyone magnet
2Do2Day AB2_0601

Dedication - motivational magnet
Dedication AB2_0501

Love Life!
Love Life AB2_0701

It's Time - are you ready?  Let Freedom Ring...
Time AB2_0301

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